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Butterfly reflector is a characterful everyday jewellery with some ladylike lace in it’s wings. This beauty can be hang in to your coat or handbag.

Design by Paola Suhonen.

You can hang this black&white Butterfly jewellery reflector to your coat with a silver colored parrot lock and short ball chain, both are metallic. Measurements for the Butterfly reflector: Width 9 cm x length 6,5 cm. Reflector material 3M Scotchlite High Glass.
The Coefficient of Luminous Intensity (CIL) of Butterfly reflector is c. 850 – 1000 (according to CE standard EN 13356, the minimum requirement for reflective value is 400 CIL).

The Butterfly jewellery reflector is packed individually into a stylish and transparent pillow bag including user guide.

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