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Shine is a fresh and elegant jewellery reflector collection designed by several award-winner Ilkka Suppanen. Chain is a beautiful and fashionable slap wrap reflector that put the final touches to your style.

Aniline red colored Chain jewellery slap wrap reflector with a novel appearance. Uncovered steel in chain eye on the front side and pleasant soft velvet-like material on backside. You can wrap this on your arm or wrist. Measurements for the Chain slap wrap reflector: Lenght 36,5 cm x width 5,5 cm.
Reflector material 3M Scotchlite High Glass. The Coefficient of Luminous Intensity (CIL) of Chain reflector is over 1000 (according to CE standard EN 13356, the minimum requirement for reflective value is 400 CIL).

The Chain jewellery reflector is packed individually into a stylish and transparent bag including user guide.

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