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Privacy policy

Privacy policy and description of data file

This is Saintex Oy’s privacy policy and description of data file in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Compiled 6.5.2021.

1. Controller

Saintex Oy, Sirrikuja 4, 00940 Helsinki, Finland

2. Person responsible for data file

Piia Määttä,, tel. +358 (0)9 342 4530

3. Name of data file

Saintex Oy’s online service user register

4. Lawful basis for and purpose of personal data processing

In accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, lawful bases for personal data processing include the customer relationship, the customer’s consent, or implementing agreements with the customer, and exercising statutory rights and legal obligations.

Personal data is used to

  • process online store orders

  • maintain the customer relationship

  • identify and individualise the customer in the online store

  • process payments

  • provide information and communication about services

  • target marketing

  • direct marketing, with the customer’s separate consent

5. Content of the data file

Our data file may contain the following data:

The customer’s basic details

  • the person's first and last names

  • address information

  • telephone number

  • email address

  • IP address

User account data

  • online store username and encrypted password

  • log-in data and history

  • user account history

Data relating to the customer relationship

  • online store order history

  • information about marketing permissions/prohibitions

  • newsletter subscriptions, statistics, and dispatch history

  • data pertaining to gift purchases and awards: recipient’s name, address, delivery address, telephone number, and email address

Data is stored indefinitely and is erased upon separate, written request by the data subject.

Website visitors’ IP addresses and cookies that are necessary for the function of the service are processed on the grounds of legitimate interest, including e.g. managing data security and collecting statistics on site visitors in cases where the data can be considered personal data. Separate consent will be required for third-party cookies as necessary.

6. Regular sources of data

Data which is recorded on the data file is obtained from the customer from e.g. messages sent via online forms, e-mails, telephone calls, social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations in which the customer discloses their data.

Personal data about companies’ and other organisations’ contact persons may also be collected from public sources, such as websites, directories, and other companies.

7. Regular disclosure of data and data transfer outside of the EU or EEA

The customer’s data will not be transferred outside of Saintex Oy or Saintex Oy’s authorised third parties. Authorised third parties are: service providers and developers, companies participating in analytics work, delivering orders, or providing payment services. These authorised third parties may only use your personal data for the purposes described in this privacy policy. Data may be disclosed to authorities in cases where the law obligates us to do so, such as when investigating misuse. Data can also be transferred outside of the EU or EEA by the controller. Data will not be disclosed to the USA without the express consent of the data subjects.

8. Principles of data file protection

Due care will be taken when processing the data file, and data that is processed using information systems will be appropriately protected. When data file data is stored on Internet servers, the physical and digital data security of the equipment will be appropriately ensured. The controller will ensure that the stored data, user rights to the servers, and other information that is critical to the security of personal data are processed confidentially and only by those employees whose job description involves personal data processing.

9. Right to access personal data and to request rectification

Every person on the data file has the right to access the data about themselves that has been recorded on the data file and to request the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal data. If a person wishes to access their data or have it rectified, a request should be sent in writing to the controller. If necessary, the controller can request the person submitting the rectification request to provide personal ID to verify their identity. The controller will respond to the customer within the time outlined in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (primarily within one month).

10. Other rights relating to the processing of personal data

A person on the data file has the right to request that their personal data is erased from the data files (“the right to be forgotten”). The data subject also has other rights as set out in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, such as restricting personal data processing in certain situations. All requests must be submitted in writing to the controller. If necessary, the controller can request the person submitting the rectification request to provide personal ID to verify their identity. The controller will respond to the customer within the time outlined in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (primarily within one month).

Our cookie policy

We use cookies on our website (, Facebook pixels, and other corresponding technologies in order to provide the best possible service to our customers. A cookie is a small text file that can be placed on your device when you visit our website. We use cookies to enable website functionalities, such as logging in and using the shopping basket function. Cookies facilitate, improve, and speed up browsing and the user experience on our website.

We use cookies to collect data about the device you use and your behaviour in our service, such as the site from which you arrived on our service, what browser you are using, and which service sections you browsed and when. We use this data for purposes such as improving the website’s user-friendliness, analysing visitor data, for customer surveys, content personalisation, to target communications and marketing, and advertising management. In order to determine products that may interest you, we may collect data on pages you view or the products you purchase so that we can market those services to you. We also use Facebook pixels to target marketing that may interest you on Facebook.

You can block the use of these cookies partly or entirely at any time in your browser settings. You can also clear any previous cookies. Please note, that blocking cookies may make it difficult to use our website, services and functions, or even prevent them from working at all.

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Palautustunnus 643046
Saintex Oy
Sirrikuja 4 C, 3. krs
00940 Helsinki

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