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About us and our reflectors

Welcome to our Website!
Here you can find our made LifeSaver design, soft and slap wrap reflectors. Reflectors that are stylish, high quality and cool to wear in everyday use. Reflectors that can bring little luxury and safety to your day. Joy, fashionable, lovely, elegant, fancy, colourful, black&white – from your choice.

Our factory Saintex
We here in Saintex started to make soft and slap wrap reflectors in the 2000’s in a purpose to helping save the pedestrians lives. It has been obvious to us already from the beginning that we make only reflectors that meet the requirements of the standards of pedestrians reflectors. Safety starts already from the designing. And safety doesn’t always have to mean boring. We make those reflectors that you don’t have to be ashamed to use!

In 2005 we decided to start co-operation with the known Finnish designers. And in 2008 our co-operation with Paola Suhonen rewarded with Reddot Design award from Love Or Die jewellery reflector. After this we understood that we would make stylish design reflectors today and in the future too. We make all our reflectors here in our factory, in Helsinki Finland. Every year we bring some fresh reflectors to market. And you can buy our reflectors here from our web shop too.

Please contact us by email office @ if you have some questions or you like to give us some feedback. We are more than glad to hearing from you.

Do you know anything about reflectors?
Traditionally reflectors are used in the Nordic Countries during the dark winter months. Reflectors are used in the dark because a reflector has ability to reflect light. That is why you should use reflector when walking in the streets even under city lights! And why, because that the car drivers could see you. Did you know that a car with low beam lights can see a pedestrian without a reflector from only a distance of 40 meters! But with pedestrian with a reflector can be noticed already from 150 meters. That is a big difference! Reflector is a small thing, but really – it can help you to safe your or your friends life.

You can find lots of different reflectors from the market. Please make sure that they are real and they meets the standards. An appropriate reflector features at least the following information: CE, EN 13356 (reflector EU standard), the name of the institution that performed the type classification for the reflector.

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