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Help The Moomins save #OURSEA

The Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas in the world. Now it’s time to raise awareness about the condition of The Baltic Sea and the problems it faces. That is why The Moomins and the John Nurminen Foundation has started a one-year fund raising campaign to save the Baltic Sea and its vibrant culture.

You can help the Moomins and the John Nurminen Foundation to clean #OURSEA. Saintex is participating in the #OURSEA campaign by making a donation for each sold #OURSEA-product. You can also donate directly on the campaign website For example, as little as 10 € you can improve the condition of the sea and remove 40 kilos of blue-green algae. Please read more about the campaign on website.

Saintex is over 70 years old family-runned company located in Kurkimäki, Helsinki. The company has for decades manufactured all kind of products for everyday needs best known from soft reflectors. As Helsinki located company, The Baltic Sea has a great worth to Saintex. That is why Saintex is taking part in #OURSEA campaign. The Moomins has inspired Saintex to create the glittering #OURSEA series.

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